VTech DM221 Safe & Sound DECT 6.0 Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Vibrating Sound Alert, 1 Parent Unit, White/Silver

Vtech Baby Monitor

Stay aware of your little one's needs with the VTech Safe&Sound; DM221 DECT 6.0 Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Vibrating Sound Alert. This handy baby-monitoring system features a belt clip that makes it easy to wear around the house. This two-piece set can also be plugged in or battery-operated for your convenience. Plus, this digital baby monitor uses DECT 6.0 technology to ensure your connection is protected against interference and eavesdropping. The VTech Safe&Sound; DM221 DECT 6.0 Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Vibrating Sound Alert includes a nightlight that'll help you see your baby in the dark without waking them up.

VTech DM221 Safe & Sound DECT 6.0 Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Vibrating Sound Alert, 1 Parent Unit, White/Silver:
Extended range of up to 1000'
Parent unit has rechargeable batteries with up to 18 hours of monitoring time
The loop on the baby unit illuminates to be used as a night light
Backlit display on parent unit
Visual sound alert LEDs indicate sound level in baby's room
Vibrating sound alert allows you to be silently alerted when there is sound in the baby's room
The signal is digitized and encrypted, ensuring that all transmissions between the baby unit and parent unit are private and secure
Talk-back intercom system allows you to remotely communicate with your baby from the parent unit
Requires rechargeable lithium-polymer battery unit (included)
Low battery indicator
Includes a belt clip for greater portability

Customer Reviews

Great Product!
I purchased this set because I needed monitors for my newborn and I needed them not to interfere with the monitor used for my nephew. These definitely went beyond what I was expecting of them. The sound is very clear and I am able to adjust how sensitive they are so I can only hear when he cries or I can make it so I can hear when he squirms in his crib. I have mine set to the highest sensitivity I can because my son has a medical condition that effects his breathing and I need to be able to hear him breathe and these monitors allow me to do that. The only 2 drawbacks are the only set that is offered only comes with one parent unit and I would have liked to have 2 and the batteries can seem to die faster than expected. I do love the ability to talk to my son to soothe him while I walk to his room to answer his cries or to answer his baby babel when he is laying in his crib happy and talking. I hope everyone is as happy with theirs as I am with mine.


Great product!
I purchased this monitor after hours spent looking at just about every monitor in the world! I got this one because its digital, and the parent monitor is rechargable! What i didnt know at the time of purchase is the the parent monitor actually has a talk button on it so you can talk to your baby on it! Overall, i'm VERY happy with this monitor!

not using for a baby, it's used for my mother
using it for a safety device, my mother is sick and needs help getting out of bed etc. this allows me some freedom cause I'm not confined to the house there a area around the house that I can get out to do jobs I haven't been able. now I can just hear her on the monitor and I don't have to stay in the house within ear s length

VTech Baby Monitor Bought for Unusual Purpose
I am 66 years old and bought the VTech 1.9 GHz Digital Audio Baby Monitor for an unusual but great purpose. My washer and dryer are in the garage and it's very difficult to hear when the buzzer goes off for the dryer. For years I had to guess when the dryer was done. Now, with using the VTech - Safe and Sound 1.9 GHz Digital Audio Baby Monitor, I can hear when the machine is done. Especially important for the dryer; no more wrinkled clothes! I just wish I had thought of using a baby monitor for this purpose back when I was married in 1966! The VTech - Safe and Sound 1.9 GHz Digital Audio Baby Monitor is extremely easy to use and small enough that I can easily take it anywhere in the house to monitor my dryer. Go for it folks! It's very affordable and just think, no more rinsing and re-drying clothes that sat in the dryer forgotten. Gretchen46, San Diego

Love, love, love.
This is my third monitor. I replaced my original monitor (Sony, lost the adaptor) with a Levana, which was horrible after a few weeks.

Our master bedroom is upstairs, but my "baby" is 16mo, so I only needed something to hear him when he wakes up at night.

This monitor is inexpensive, but its the best one I've owned. I haven't had any static #I've been using it for about 3 weeks#, the sound quality is great, and the best thing is I can talk to my kids through it. My boys share a room, and my 2yo will sometimes be up before the baby. I can use this to tell him to stay quiet until I come down in a few minutes.