The Summer Infant In View Digital Baby Monitor features a 5-inch color LCD video monitor with digital zoom and rechargeable batteries for handheld portability. Digital technology ensures a private and secure connection providing parents peace of mind, day and night.

Summer Infant Monitor

Summer Infant In View Digital Video Monitor:
100 percent digital technology for privacy and security
5"/12.70cm flat screen with color LCD video display
Automatic black and white night vision
Range up to 600'/182.88m
Digital zoom for closer views on screen
Adjustable volume and brightness controls
Sound activated LED lights
Power-save 1-touch video on/off
Low battery and out of range indicators
Adjustable/swivel camera design allows for optimal positioning on baby, for tabletop or wall-mounting (mounting hardware and security clips included)
Expandable system; add cameras to monitor multiple children or rooms with video and audio scan between rooms, up to 4 total (extra cameras sold separately, item #29190)
Requires 1 NiMH battery (included)

Customer Reviews
Love this Monitor!
I received this monitor as a gift from my husband. I have a 2 1/2 year old along with the newborn. The view is clear. I can wait to see if the baby is just moving around before entering the room. The sound can be adjusted to a soft volume to a louder volume. This helped for me to go outside to get the mail or watch my toddler play and still be able to listen for her. The ability to see baby resting vs. listening helps give that time for baby to calm her self before entering in and picking her up. I also can place the camera to view the crib and a nap mat for when both lay down for a nap. Currently we have the baby sleeping in her crib in her own room. I can have the monitor next to me all night and I can still use it the next day. The battery life on this lasts 2-3 days with continuous use.
Great product for the price
This is a great product. It allows you to go cordless as long as the battery charge lasts (couple of hours). On this mode, you must constantly turn on the visual part, but the audio part stays on the entire time. The color and picture quality are totally fine, despite other reviews. Unless you want an HD picture of your child, this monitor serves just fine.
Excellent product and value!
Purchased this product to monitor my 94 yr old mother during the night while sleeping in another room. Easy to see, even at night. Also it picks up every noise. Excellent low cost option
Basic monitor
This is a basic monitor and does the job. It feels a bit flimsy for $100. The screen is large which is nice ( and has a kick-stand), but not HD quality. It has a zoom feature that allows you to zoom in only once. It also has a feature that lights up as noise gets louder (i.e. when the baby cries). The battery for the monitor does not seem to stay charged for that long. If the monitor is not plugged in, the screen will go dark and will be audio only until you hit the video button again. The video screen stays on if it is plugged in. The picture is clear enough that I can see my baby breathing while he sleeps. I was not looking for anything fancy, so this monitor works for me.
The perfect average monitor!
We looked for the "perfect" baby monitor for over a year. We took in lots of reviews and got personal friend advice from other parents. We wanted to watch over our baby without spending over $100.00 to do so. We didn't need all of the extras and we didn't want to use our phones as part of the monitoring system. We wanted a monitor that was not wireless for safety reasons so that lead us to this Summer monitor style. We love this monitor because it isn't overly technical. You plug it in and you turn it on, that is it. It does exactly what we need it to. We love how big the monitor screen is and that it is easy to use. We love that we can see our baby in her crib and see if her chest is rising whether it be daylight or night vision. The night vision can appear a tad bit grainy but we can still see every breath and her pacifier moving. Her nursery and our room are on opposite ends of the house and the connectivity works just fine. The sensitivity of sound detection is fabulous! It picks up on every little sound and the volume has several levels for preference. We can hear her breathing! The different levels of volume are indicated by light in case you don't want the volume on at all (green to red with red being the baby screaming). If the monitor is plugged in, the screen will stay active and you will see the baby. This feature is great for when you are in the shower or washing dishes. If the monitor is not plugged in, the screen blacks out to save battery. At that point, you can still hear the baby and again, the lights indicate the level of volume. There is a button on the monitor that can turn the screen on (or off) as often as you want. There are also buttons to adjust volume, and screen brightness. There is also a button to zoom in but we must say that the zoom is not the best feature of this monitor. The camera only zooms in x1 and it isn't that big a visual difference. But in our opinion, you don't really need the zoom. The on/off button is wonderfully designed because there is no way to turn the monitor on or off without holding it down for a period of time. That reassures us that the monitor will not turn off in the middle of the night by accident and we won't have our infant in her room crying without us knowing it. If we had to list any cons of this particular monitor, it would be that the battery is not the longest lasting battery to exist. On a fully charged battery, the monitor will last for one day with one day consisting of three, 2-hour naps and we don't leave the screen on. So, at night, you have to keep it plugged in at all times. We just turn it on to check on her and then put the screen back to sleep mode. We like that we can purchase separate cameras to add to the system if we add another baby to our family down the road. Overall, we love this camera and the price is fantastic.