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Thousands of infants are getting injury and dieing now a days because of accidents involving cribs and any other nursery products problems. We have to take care from the beginning of a child’s life. Carelessness is the main reason of these problems. Now we are discussing what is the crib safety, whether the crib is new or not and take a look at crib toys.


Do you want to buy a new full-size crib –

1. You can’t get corner posts more than 1/16 inch or 1-1/2mm above the top of the end panel. It can be good catch points of all items around a child’s neck and clothing worn by the child.

2. The closed hooks help to give security to the mattress support hangers and all crib hardware should be securely tightened and also checked frequently.

3. If you use the bumper pads, should fit around the entire crib, tie into place and have straps or ties at least in corners, long sides and both edges. You can use the bumpers until the baby can pull up to a standing position and then you can remove them.

4. Don’t use any plastic bags as mattress covers because it may cling to a baby’s face and cause suffocation.

Do you have a crib –

1. The use of used cribs is discouraged by CPSC. You have to check these products to make sure they meet safety requirements.

2. Check the crib for any missing parts such as mattress support hangers or bolts etc. If there is any missing then replace them. Please don’t use cribs with broken parts.

3. You can use a mattress fits tightly but if you can fit more than two fingers between the crib side and edge of the mattress the mattress is too small and harmful.

4. Don’t use older crib with headboard and footboard designs because it may allow baby’s head to be caught in the openings and these openings may lead to strangulation.

5. Corner posts have to be less then 1-1/2 mm high (1/16 inches), if not that the crib should have a canopy. Please don’t use a crib which has knobs on corner posts.

6. If the crib has loose or missing slats then stop using it and make sure that all slats are securely fastened in place.

7. Use high quality household lead-free enamel paint to refinish the crib. Before using paint check the label on the paint to make sure that this is not against using on items such as cribs.

Here are some safety tips for you –

1. If you want to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and prevent suffocation then be careful. You have to take care of your baby for reduction of risk. Put your baby in a flat, firm mattress and be sure that there is no soft bedding underneath your baby.

2. Don’t place your baby to sleep alone on an uncomfortable bed such as adult bed, water bed or bunk bed. Babes up to 18 months can suffocate in their sleep when their bodies, faces become wedged between the mattress and bed frame. Don’t put a child bed near window blinds or drapery.

3. Don’t hang any thing such as mobile, toy, diaper bag by using strings near the crib where a child could become caught in it and strangle. If you have then cut the strings/cords off.

4. Don’t tie pacifiers around your child’s neck to prevent strangulation.

5. Whenever you place your child in the crib always lock the side rail in its raised position. Adjust the mattress to its lowest position and remove the bumper pads when your child can stand up and you have to remove also any large toys because a toddler will use anything for climbing out of the crib.

6. When your baby reaches more than 34 inches he/she has outgrown the crib and can sleep in a bed.

7. Check hooks, nuts, bolts when you move the crib. Set secured bumper pads in each corner and cut off any excess string length.

Here is some checklist for crib toys –

1. When you set a crib gyms make sure that it’s installed securely at both ends. If you do this properly then they cannot be pulled down into the crib.

2. When your baby is 5 months old then you should remove crib gyms and mobiles from the crib.

3. Hang all things out of reach of a child.

4. Never use crib toys with catch points of your crib that can hook clothing.

I hope these instructions are helpful for your crib shopping.