Many people say there is no cure because most acne products are ineffective. They don’t have the right pimple fighting or anti-inflammation ingredients.

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The good news is that there are a few treatments that work to effectively prevent pimples, really getting into the pores to kill the bacteria that is often at the root of the pimple itself. They get rid of pimples effectively and efficiently even if they aren’t necessarily the cure. 


The Best Natural Acne Treatments

With so many different acne treatments out there, it is difficult to choose. And considering, most of the “natural” acne treatments are actually extremely similar if not identical to most of the popular prescription acne treatments, it is harder than ever before to find the best acne treatments. Most fall through, and some can cause unnecessary side effects and other problems. So the question is, how do you actually end up finding the best acne treatments for your needs in the all natural market that does not simply mimic many of the more popular prescriptions that are more likely to cause side effects than anything else?

But there are natural ingredients that you will never find in prescriptions or damaging options. When used in the clinically proven amounts, they can easily help you to go beyond all previous expectations. For example, tea tree oil has been one of the more commonly used ingredients as of late that is completely safe and side effect free! With this ingredient, especially when you combine it with other natural ingredients such as bentonite clay, walnut shell, or others like aloe vera, can help you to soothe and free your skin of acne at the same time!

When used correctly, the best natural acne treatments can outdo all others to be the best acne treatments of any kind. The best natural acne treatments have a way of giving you the best possible results without actually causing side effects or other common problems. And when you use the best acne treatments, obviously you are going to eliminate acne, keep it away, and protect your skin from future damage or other issues.

Sudden Acne Breakouts

Why is it that when you have a very important event you wake up that day and have a huge pimple right on your face? It always happens. It’s just crazy how that just happens. I met this really beautiful young lady and asked her out. Several days went by before we were to go out and I got home from work and was getting ready and just got out of the shower and sure as I’m writing right now a huge zit right on the end of my nose that was all ready with a huge white bump that I totally had to pop.

So then I go on my date and all night long I felt like I have this huge satellite dish stuck on the end of my nose that everyone is looking at! The worst is when you have to have family pictures taken or heaven forbid the day you are having your wedding pitchers taken. The other day I had a really important job interview and I was so nervous and wanted to really make a great impression and would you totally believe it; well its true, when I woke up I had the biggest pimple right on my cheek and like a dummy I picked it and it made such a huge sore.

Puss In Pimples

I am pretty lucky that I really don’t have many pimples or zits but when I get them they are so fun to pop. I have found that the best way to pop a pimple is to have the patience to wait till it really gets ripe. I mean that you wait till it’s really big and is really full of puss. Then I like to take my two pointer fingers and pinch has hard and as fast as I can to see how fast I can get the puss to fly out and hopefully hit the mirror. My wife gets really mad when she looks at the mirror and can see the work I have been able to do.

Sometimes the best ones are the ones that don’t quite have a head on them yet and if you squeeze them just right you can really get it to squirt out a long ways. You have to be really careful that you don’t pinch yourself too hard because you can cause bruising and it will leave a pretty good red mark on your face for several days. Right before I go to bed I like to sit and pick my face. There have been times that I look like a big red spot because I have popped so many pimples in just one sitting.

Floss & Pimples

I just read a weird way to remove pimples but I think it might work. What you do is use floss and mouth wash. It seems funny that the two things you use for your mouth might work for pimples too. First you get a piece of floss and hold it like you are going to floss your teeth then run the floss over the pimple. Sometimes you have to do this a few times until the pimple pops. Once it does then you can do it once more to remove anything that came out of the pimple. It’s best to throw the floss away instead of using it again for another pimple because you can transfer infection from one area to another.

After using the floss method then take a little mouthwash on a Q-tip and place it on the red area and leave it on. I think that the mouth wash dries out the infected area. I would also think that Listerine would be the mouthwash of choice because it is proven to kill 98% of germs that it will come in contact with. So it is killing any bacteria that are inside the pimple. There are a lot of ways that you can remove a pimple. The best way is whatever works for you.

How To Pop A Pimple

How to pop a pimple 101. I like to wait till the pimple gets nice and ripe with lots of white puss and when you squeeze your fingers together you can totally feel the pressure leave your body as it squirts out. Sometime if you start to pop a pimple early in the game you can get it to totally fly out and hit the mirror and that is way fun. I had a buddy that would always ask me to pop his pimples for him because his mother would always do it for him.

I could never do it for him I think that is just way too weird. It has been really getting hot lately and I have noticed that my skin is really greasy and oily. I have been getting a lot of pimples. I feel it’s a result of the weather being so hot. I like to pick my face and pop my pimples before I go to bed at night because it causes my face to get really red and sometimes bleed. I then wash my face really good several times. I have found that I don’t have as many zits to pop in the morning.

Big Pimples

The best way to remove a pimple is to wait until it is ready to remove. The problem is that we get to anxious to get at that little dot that we forget that you can cause more damage than good if you go digging for gold in China on our face. Once it is ready to pop then you can get that infection out of there without making a scar. I have a big magnifying mirror. I hate and love that thing. You can literally see every imperfection on your face.

I love it when I am putting my makeup on because you can see every small detail so that when you are done with putting on your makeup and you look in a normal mirror your makeup looks good. It also comes in handy when you are plucking your eyebrows. All of a sudden your eyebrows are noticeable. It’s like every hair that is out of place stands out like a blinking beacon. I know every hair I need to remove but I also know every pimple that needs to be removed too. I don’t think it’s a good idea to do much picking on your face so a magnifier sometimes isn’t the best thing.

Steaming Pimples

When I was 12 or 13 years old my mom shared with me a technique she used when she was young. It really helped me with my pimples that were starting to appear. what she taught me to do was put a pan of hot water on the stove top. Turn it up high until it boils. Then take it off the stove and place on the table with a hot pad under neath it. Then get a big bath towel. Put the bath towel over your head and cover the back of your head and neck and upper back area. Leave enough of the towel so that it will drape over your head and hang down. Kind of like a tent around your head.

Then while the towel is in place lean over the hot water in the pan and seal your head with the towel around the pan as best as you can so that the steam will hit your face. I would usually stand so that I would not touch the sides of the pan because it is very hot and you don’t want to burn yourself. The steam from the hot water hits your skin and opens your pores and helps you remove pimples better.