The Space Conserving, Chic BloomBaby Alma Urban Folding Crib

Bloom Urban Crib

The best baby cribs and nursery furniture these days are all either made of wood or plastic. To break away from the clichéd, the wooden with stainless steel detailing BloomBaby Alma Urban Folding Crib is perfect for the trendy parents who want to bring up their children in an environment that oozes the sense of fashion.


The BloomBaby Alma Urban Folding Crib is not only about style. As the name suggests, it’s a space saving move as well. Sooner than later, you will need to buy a proper bed and adult size furniture for your kids. With a BloomBaby Alma Urban Folding Crib, you don’t need to worry about space, unlike the other varieties of best baby cribs. These are the best baby cribs in terms of compactness. The folding crib can fold till the point that it can be stored in the loft easily.


The BloomBaby Alma Urban Folding Crib is chic, mobile, lightweight and perfect for parents living the urban life. It’s long lasting, safe and strong enough to last a few decades. The colour options for the BloomBaby Alma Urban Folding Crib are amazing. From leaf green to cappuccino brown, white and grey, your baby’s crib can match the other nursery furniture easily.

The BloomBaby Alma Urban Folding Crib can fit new born babies and two year old kids. It’s perfect for parents who are planning for a single child or multiple children. BloomBaby Alma also provides custom sized mattresses for the Urban Folding Crib and there are fabulous options for those as well.


The most important furniture in a nursery room is the crib. It complements the essence of what we call Nursery room. Just like what compliments a room is the bed. That is why, aside from preparing things that our little baby would need, we have to choose a safe, comfortable and elegant crib that would fit to an angel, a prince and or a princess. I’d like to you to check out this site that will give you a glimpse of what I had witnessed. The site gives you enough details and information that might help you decide a brand that you would also recommend to those who are expecting a baby. Modern Nursery is accessible and easy to see those stuffs that you would want to know about. They also featured actual images of the products that they have online. The site will provide you the actual price, colors and how to order it. See for yourself!

BloomBaby Alma Urban Folding Crib

BloomBaby Alma Urban Folding Crib is very elegant, safe and it can be folded. It will definitely give you an option for space if your apparent is quite small and because it can be folded, it is easy to carry anywhere! The crib was designed for new born babies up to 2 years old so you will see the actual size and space for the baby. The materials used, wood, gives us a feeling of freshness rather than those which are made of steel that would likely look a hospital bed. I think, as a mother, it would be important to know that it’s safe and comfortable. However, normally, when a baby turns 8 months and up, I am not sure if it would still fit. I guess when it’s used for sleeping that might not be a problem, but if I have to do something and need to put the child down, it would not be that comfortable for moving. If there’s something that I‘d like this crib to improve on would be the width. That’s all. I love the colors available; it would really match and compliment any furniture at home. There are 5 colors to choose from and I think I really like the orange, it’s vibrant and it’s just perfect! The height of it is also ideal; it will prevent accidents like falling for growing babies. The price is quite high for a crib considering the mattress and accessories are not included and should be bought separately, but I think, it will last long and can still be use for the next one. I guess, the crib is really superb!