How To Choose the Best Double Stroller?

You spend the money, make sure that you are getting the best double stroller for your needs before.

1. Sit and Stand Strollers
These types of strollers are used by parents that have a toddler and another baby who is older. The toddler often sits on the front seat as the older baby seats on the back one.

2. Tandem Strollers
One baby normally sits behind the other. Usually preferred because they are narrow making it easy for parents to navigate with.

3. Side by Side Strollers
The babies sit side by side. Usually wide and can be sometimes difficult to move around with.

A summary of a number of Double Stroller factors worth considering are listed below:

Does the double stroller meet all safety regulations and has it got acceptable safety stamps for your state?
Is the stroller suited to your babies age group?
Are you satisfied with the baby safety harness, ease of use and adjustments. Has it plenty of room for the babies?
Does the double stroller have an easy to operate positive braking system?
Is the double stroller easy to manoeuvre and can you access all your favorite places without difficulty? No point in having a unit which will not go thru the narrow aisles in your local supermarket.
If you are going to transport your double stroller, it needs to fold quickly and easily into a compact transport mode?
Are the covers of your double stroller easily removable for washing and can they be washed in a conventional domestic washing machine?
Does your double stroller have secure storage for your belongings etc?
Do you have a certain budget for your double stroller. Strollers vary in price depending on the brand name, features and type of unit. Be prepared to pay for a quality running stroller than a budget double stroller?
Lightweight strollers are popular because of ease of handling etc, but some of their frames will not take the same abuse as conventional models?
Does the double stroller suit the image you wish to cultivate for yourself?
Is the stroller a proven model with a reputable company backing it up?

Obviously your choice will also depend on the age of the babies, your choice of double stroller will be different if you are attempting to cater for 5 month old twins or a two year old and three old that liked to be pushed by the parent.

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller Review

The Britax B-Agile Double Stroller is one of those very rare and exceptional strollers. This is designed to be all that one needs it to be from day one. It is suitable and made for two babies, be them twins at birth, or two separate siblings who are close in age. This double stroller is double in everything and that is a very good thing to have from the onset. Children can be rough and tumble at times, and this stroller is able to keep up with that factor, from the time that they are born and begin to grow.

Britax Stroller

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

The best features of the Britax B-Agile Double Stroller, product on Amazon is fact that is a stroller that grows along with baby from newborn right up to fifty pounds, per each seat, which consists of two in number side by side. It also has a quick-fold design that makes storage very quick and easy in delivery. This stroller also has a click-n-go car seat type of system that doe adapt well with an infant car from Britax in a way that is reliable and safe. It also has an aluminum frame that is lightweight in feel and is less than 30.5’ wide. There is a handle on this double stroller that is height adjustable in description too.

What are the Pro and Cons of this double stroller?

The pros in association with this double stroller are that it is made to be strong and durable for a very long time. It also contains swivel wheel about it and is forward facing in design. What makes it outstanding is the convenience it does offer and it has a great maneuverability too. This double stroller is also idea for all sorts of various occasions. The very supportive seats do promote of dependable safety for little ones. This is because it has a five-point harness system that is all about safety and a pad for the head that is completely adjustable. There is an also nicely sized canopy with lots of ventilation that does permit parents to be able to see their children in plain sight. Its all-wheel suspension also allows for a ride that is smooth, and it has just one step, which can lock both rear wheels fast from moving. The colors for choice are also awesome too.

The cons of this double stroller is the fact that car seats have to be installed on the right side of the stroller, it will not allow a car seat, to be put at all on the left side of it.

Overall, the Britax B-Agile Double Stroller is a truly awesome stroller for the price. It is also the one choice for a stroller, if you do have more than one kid, say babies and a toddler together. This stroller is very strong, sturdy, and agile for parents who are on the go with their youngsters all the time. If a rating were to be given on this double stroller from one to five, it would definitely be given a four and a half just for all that it does have feature-wise. Therefore, it is a good buy for the money, and you are making a good investment for your little ones who will definitely like it for strolling around outside of the home on a day to day basis. This double stroller review is surely all about one unique kind of double stroller indeed.

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller Review

This is a factual review of the baby jogger city mini double stroller based on my experience of double strollers and reviewing lots of information that has generated about this double stroller. The baby jogger city mini double stroller is a tried and tested unit which is popular but went through a recall back in 2009 due to a possibility of buckle opening. This problem was sorted and in my view the additional scrutiny of the time has helped the unit because users are now reassured that it is a tried and tested unit, backed by a quality company should any issues arrive.
Baby Jogger

The main features of the baby jogger city mini are as follows:

Lightweight only weighs 28 pound making it easy to store in the trunk if necessary.
Narrow, double unit will fit through standard door (29 inches wide)
Highly maneuverable (can be turned with one hand, 180 degrees no problem)
Easily fold able and compact compared to competition.
Easily recline, padded seats to flat position to enable children to sleep or adjust to a comfortable sitting position.
Vented child compartments.
Recommended for use from 6 months on wards .
5 point harness system fitted with buckle covers and easily adjustable.
Wheels easily removable and run on bearings for smooth ride and are 8 inch diameter.
Canopies(sun hoods) are three fold and can be positioned in multiple positions.
Parking brake accessible and foot operated.
Durable, easily clean fabric which is comfortable for children.
Various colors available
The possible negative points regarding the baby jogger city mini double stroller are:

Despite the company name this is not a jogging stroller but a highly maneuverable unit ideal for long walks and urban use. For a true jogging unit consider the elite stroller model.
Storage is limited and the under compartment storage is difficult to access, but the storage at the back of the seat is fine for small items. In the more recent model this has been improve.
Accessories supplied with the standard unit are limited and items like a child tray, belly bar etc are extras.
I have looked through many reviews of the baby jogger and most are positive and I believe the above summary gives a reasonable summary of peoples thoughts. It is an extremely popular choice of double stroller and if you look at the negatives they are not points which impact on the child’s safety or comfort.. The unit has been extensively reviewed by Users in Amazon most have given it a top rating with no totally negative review. The owners and reviews are in the main delighted with the unit, because of its lightweight , ease of use and compact design. parents with children of up to two years an age gap feel it is particularly suited to infant and toddler. Quite a few users moan the lack of a cup holder, belly bar and trays. A good idea is to order the accessories you feel you require at time of purchase. Most owners will have little need to make contact with Baby Jogger customer service, but in general most have found them helpful and willing to sort out the problem. One owner was a bit peeved because a problem arose with the front wheel locking mechanism but it was sorted out. Folded flat it takes up less room than most double strollers and this can be further reduced by removing the quick attach wheels. Going through the reviews one person even ventured to say she would consider having another child she was so happy with the baby jogger. Now there is a reason to have a baby!. The instruction manual that comes with the baby jogger is clear and worth reading. I have attached it here so that you can have a quick look at it prior to purchasing. Overall it is my view that this is a quality unit, suited to everyday use without a lot of frills. Most important is that it is comfortable for the children and your toddler and baby will be comfortable and happy. Amazon have a wide choice of colors and accessories and their pricing seems to be the most competitive.

If you wish to go directly to the Baby Jogger city Mini double Stroller section, there you can view the various color choices etc. Following this link will lead you there. The best of luck and I hope the information provided has been of some benefit. 

Kolcraft Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller Review

The Kolcraft Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller has the same features that make the original great. For a few dollars more, parents can purchase the Kolcraft Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller and enjoy more options.
Tandem Stroller

You can compare prices and features of the Kolcraft Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller on

The Kolcraft Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller helps to soothe the temperaments of toddlers. Sometimes toddlers want to walk when you really rather they don’t. This stroller has toddler handles that are attached to the main bar. The toddler can walk beside you, making both of you happier.

The toddler years are also the “I do it myself” years. Here again, the Kolcraft Contours Plus helps out. The stroller has steps that let the toddler get into the seats themselves. The arm rests open up to make it easier to climb in. In four steps, your toddler can get themselves in and comfortable.

Storage is not a problem either. Everyone gets their own cup holders, including the parent. The large under seat basket will hold what ever discarded treasures that kids take with them.

The Kolcraft Contours comes in a seven color varieties. The colors are modern and fun. After all, just because you are a parent doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style.

Check out for the color selections available for the Kolcraft Contours.

The Kolcraft Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller has added additional comfort features. The front seat has a padded bar that protects your little climber. It also includes a fleece infant head rest which will protect and soothe the littlest passenger.

A floating suspension gives the Kolcraft Contours Plus a smooth ride over any terrain. The all terrain wheels are also single swivels which make it easier to maneuver over or around any obstacle. The never flat wheels won’t put you behind schedule with an unexpected blow out either.

The Kolcraft Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller gives you the same adjustable seating as the original. The new features expand it to make it more toddler friendly as the kids grow. For a little extra cash, you can find a stroller that will outlast your kids.

Reasons to Choose Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller for Your Children

Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller is known as the first double stroller which accepts 2 of the 1-rated Keyfit or Keyfit 30 infant car-seats from Chicco. This unit applies the same easy click-in attachment as the Keyfit seats, and it accommodates a car seat in both front and rear seats allowing the families to easily travel together with either 2 infants, a toddler and an infant, or 2 small toddlers. Click here to learn the comments and testimonials of other customers.
Chicco Stroller

Why Choosing Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller?

Having Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller allows you to carry your two children comfortably for a walk around the neighborhood as well as when shopping. Besides of giving yourself a comfort of not having to carry everything in hand, the baby can also feel the comfort of riding in the stroller when you are busy picking groceries. The seats of this stroller is adequately padded which is important if you need to carry infants with it. You wouldnt want the baby to jiggle during the ride, especially when he/she is asleep. As for carrying the baby when he is sleeping, you can rely on the rear seat of this stroller which has a full recline. The fully reclined seat is also aimed for bassinet enclosure as well as to accept additional car seat. The frame of the stroller is made of sleek and modern anodized aluminum with a unique tubing profile which explains why it is 15% lighter than most double strollers.

Some other features use can be benefited of are the zipper accessible basket that you can reach anything you keep inside even though the seat is fully reclined; the one-hand activated fold which allows the unit to stand alone when folded; the suspension of all wheels which make the unit easily maneuvered; one-touch linked rear brake for an easy stop; 5-point harness in each seat for safety; free-standing flat fold, the height-adjustable handle, adjustable and removable canopies, along with interchangeable arm-bar, kids cup-holders and parents tray also with cup-holders as well as storage compartment.

Parents definitely like the unit as it stands alone when it is folded. This is actually a nice feature considering many stroller units require difficult procedure to fold and unfold. However, the sun shades of this unit are rather small and flimsy and you have to change their positions first to have the unit well-folded. And although it is claimed to be 15% lighter than most double strollers, this one is actually heavy but still to the acceptable level as a double stroller should be. You can easily put the car seat in the front or back seat and it would click in place just fine without straps or any other attachments. The cup-holders at the front seat also add convenience to this stroller that a two year old can easily climb in and out of the front seat on his/her own for their drinks.

The fully reclined seat is also a great feature, unfortunately the front seat can only recline minimally and even does not reline at all with the car seat at the back. The huge under-seat basket will even give you the benefit of storing any babies necessities. When the rear seat is in full recline you can also reach the zipper compartment to get anything you need from it. This is also a nice feature as some strollers may also have large compartment but not all of them can be easily accessed when you need to get a thing out of it. Compared the old single Cortina, this zipper compartment is an advancement feature. A user who used to own this unit mentioned that it was always and issue to get in to the storage compartment when her baby was sleeping on the seat. So it is good to know that Chicco have thought about this feature.

As for the multi-position handle, couples or spouses with different height can also be benefited by this feature. Just adjust the handle according to your weight and you can easily push your kids with the stroller. The steering this unit around the house is also a very fun activity to perform thanks to the nice large wheels which seem handy to face any kinds of surface. Even on a rough surface I believe kids will feel comfortable during the ride in this stroller as the seat pad and large wheels do a really great job during the trip.

Honestly saying, this is actually not my favorite type of stroller although the features seem to be nice enough for a double stroller. I have already fallen for Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Stroller which allows different seat positioning for your children. Both Chicco Cortina and Kolcraft Contours can take the weight of 40 lbs on each seat. But Kolcraft costs slightly cheaper than the unit, plus I think it has nicer design. Click here to know a customers comment regarding the unit.

Bob Revolution Duallie Stroller Review

This review focuses on the Bob Revolution Duallie Stroller.

I have researched this product and the many reviews that have been written and tried to put together the good and bad points, which hopefully will help you make an informed decision if you need to purchase such a unit.
Bob Stroller

This is a quality side by side jogging stroller with many excellent features but has a few shortcomings, which annoy some people who have considered or purchased the Stroller.

This unit has undergone a major revamp in 2011 and the changes in general have been perceived as beneficial. I will detail these a bit later.

The main features of the Bob Revolution Duallie Stroller unit are:

Well cushioned deep seats with vents ratchet Canopies that give great cover when fully extended
Canopies fitted with large parent visors c/w with visor cover and storage pouch
Adjustable shock absorbers make ride comfortable for children of varying weights.
Pumped 12 inch rear wheels combined with a 16inch front wheel make until suited to most terrains. also improves ride and
make it easy to push.
16 inch front wheel can be fixed or swivel. has micro adjustment to ensure straight tracking when jogging.
Positive mechanical brake, rather than friction type brake is great if on hilly walkways etc.
5 point harness system is padded with adjustable height function to suit different aged children.
Has a jogging leash strap. for avid runners
Has a good capacity storage basket with high sides under the child compartments.
Good quality, easy clean fabric with water repellent feature.
Stroller weight is circa 33 pounds
Positive folding system and two stage simple opening system.
Super easy swivel and will turn in the smallest of areas.
Seats recline to around 70 degrees so a toddler can nap happily.
Unit has a five year frame warranty and 1 year component warranty.
Possible negative features of the Bob Revolution Duallie Stroller can be summarized as follows:

Presently only available in two colors (Navy and Orange)
Quite a bulky unit when stowed because of wheel size, so ensure your vehicle trunk it takes 41″ x 20″ when folded with
wheels in position., both these dimensions will reduce by 5″ approx if you remove wheels. Wheel remove is quick and simple but a bit of a pain if you need to put it in the car regularly.
Has no storage or cup holder at handle bar level , but an optional upholder with pouch is available and most purchasers seem to go for this.
Handle bar height is not adjustable but users do not see this as an issue unless you are 6 ft +.
As a quality stroller , it may not be as compact as you would like for shopping, but most people are happy that the easy pushing and turning combined with 41″ wide will enable them to venture most places The BOB Revolution Duallie 12 AW which has similar features other than a 12″ front wheel may be suited to city and mall use.
Car seats etc may not be interchangeable from some older models.
Some people complain that the jogging safety strap is on the handle bar, they feel this could be an issue if they stumble whilst jogging.
This is a high end stroller with a matching price tag. A quality item like this will hold its value and can easily be resold when you are finished with it. Especially if you give it some care.

In summary the Bob Revolution Duallie Strollers are:

Is a top of the range smooth ride,easy to push double jogging stroller.
Ideally suited to active parents who have two children of similar or varying age.
It is a well built durable unit suited to all terrains and will give years of reliable service.
Bobs is a reputable company with good back up.


Tips on Buying a Jogging Stroller

Strollers which are specifically aimed for jogging needs may come in various price ranges and levels of quality. People may think that they can take any strollers to jog with their kids, but actually if you are a serious runner you may want to run competitive races with the unit and for this purpose there are some shopping tips to help you choosing the best unit for you.
Jogging Double Stroller

The very first thing to consider is the features of the unit. You will need a device with: swivel wheels, if you are just a walker or light joggers; or swivel wheels with a lock, which are good for all types of runners; or the one with fixed front wheels, which are best for serious runners who normally focus on speed. Another wheel-feature to consider is their size; larger wheel will give you a smoother ride, but smaller ones are usually more maneuverable. Additionally, you will need a stroller with metal rims which is much durable than units with plastic rims. Durability will pretty much determine the age-of-use of your stroller.

Also look for a handlebar which comes in-line with your elbows when you stand-up straight. So when you place your hands on it, you will have your forearms in parallel level with the grounds. This is important for you because if your hands are higher or lower than the elbows when performing this position, you will likely strain your lower back.

Since your legs will be busy running, it will be much handier if you unit is equipped with hand-brakes, parking brakes, and tether brakes as they will help preventing your stroller with its precious cargo inside to roll away from you.

As for easy transporting, you will want to ensure that the stroller fit in your vehicle easily when it is folded up. You need to consider this feature especially if you drive a car with a small trunk, you may need to remove all of the wheels to fit the unit in. Therefore, make sure that the wheels can be removed without using any additional tools for easier setup.

If you are looking for a good deal of double jogging stroller, searching for double jogging stroller clearance may be a good idea. It is easier to find units with a good price via the internet, online stores like Amazon normally offer used units as well with a good condition and good price as well. I also found, which according to the site owner, was aimed to help new families who searched for the perfect double stroller for their need. The products viewed there are claimed to be highly searched and tested that the readers can rely on it.

If you are considering about purchasing an affordable regular double stroller, I recommend buying Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Stroller. I saw that it is only sold for about $250 on Amazon, and it offers 4 seat-positioning for your kids. So while on the ride, they can seat either facing each other or back to back, or both facing forwards or backwards like a train.