Many brands are offering Best Commercial Orange Juicers Machines and Citrus Juicer in the packing with flavors. None of them has the right quality and essentials of fresh orange. To fill this gap, many companies provide Best orange juicer to help people. These juicers will make fresh juice by protecting all the pulp and nutrients. Some of the best machines available in the market for this purpose are as follows.

Best Orange Juicers Machines Reviews


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Best Orange Juicers

New Star Foodservice Commercial Citrus Juicer

Best Orange Juicers Machines Reviews

New star foodservice provides this commercial citrus juice to help in squeezing fresh juice. The advantage of this machine is that the iron used in its manufacturing is of high quality. A powerful squeezing takes place by the material of stainless steel that also looks good. It only weighs 14.8 pounds, so it is not difficult to move it on the kitchen shelf. The space taken by it is also really less. Dimensions of this product are 9 x 7 x 23 inches.

The handle available for pressing is made of rubber and can handle a considerable amount of weight. It will help a lot in getting maximum juice possible out of the orange. It is multipurpose because it can also help with other fruits of a similar category such as limes, grapefruits, lemon, and oranges, etc. the base is made of a heavy material to increase the stability of the product. All the funnels and cones can easily be detached and washed in dishwashers without any difficulty.




Commercial press juicer with iron cast

It is Orange juicer machine that is efficient. It is also attractive because of its red color. Maximum effort is exerted on the fruit to extract a large amount of juice. A large space is provided between the legs of juicer; this will help in placing a large container to collect the juice in large quantity. The stability of the machine increases while the pressure on the machine is exerted while pressing. The funnel cup, as well as the cone for straining, is made of stainless steel material that is long lasting. The cleaning of these things is really easy.

The material used in the manufacturing of body is durable and made of ultra-strong steel. The finishing is done with enamel to resist the pitting, corrosion, and effect of citrus acid. The rubber handle is of high quality and performs all the operations successfully. The space available for fruit is 4.75 inches in width and 28 inches tall. It is a unique product with many amazing features.



Breville stainless steel die-cast 800CPXL citrus press

The design of this machine is made with an exceptional design to perform extraordinary functioning.

The best feature of this product is the active arm system. This arm system is revolutionary that works by only revolving. This one size is efficient for all the juicing cones to get the maximum juice out of the fruit. Even a juice spout is also present to prevent the juice from dripping. Along with dual filters, the cord storage and dust covers are also available to increase protection of this machine. The dimensions of this machine are 14 inches x 17 inches x 10 inches. Even it can be washed easily in the dishwasher without any damage to the parts.

Commercial Orange Juicer auto feed


It is an amazing technology with completely different design. Both the internal and external structures of this machine are designed in an advanced manner. There is no antiseptic used in it that protects the color from wearing off because of the citrus. The fresh juice is provided with the complete purity of essence and color. As this machine work with a different mechanism, so the person has to clean the oranges in the best manner. The skin will be automatically pealed inside the machine, and the use of filters will automatically produce fresh juice.

The food remains completely safe on this machine. The cleaning and operations of this machine are really simple and easy. The power supply of this machine comes in different ranges varying from 230 volts to 220 volts. This machine also has the warranty of 2 years, so it is completely reliable. It can produce up to 7 glasses in a single minute. The size of oranges required to put in it is from 40 to 80 mm. Almost 20 to 22 oranges can be squeezed in this machine in a minute. It is mostly used in the hotels, bars, and restaurants to cater the needs of a lot of customers.

Gourmia electric stainless steel citrus juice machine EPJ100

It is an electric Orange juicer machine that can extract all the pulp and juice from the orange in the best form. The direct pour in the container or glass takes place that saves a lot of time. The energy and nutrients remain protected and are not wasted in any form. The individual has to do less work, and the output is more. This machine will do all the work. It can work in both hand press and ultra motor mode. The motor is completely quiet so that no sound will be produced during the juice is being prepared. All the pulp and pits are removed easily in the cleaning process, and just the juice is extracted from the Citrus Juicer.

The cone is made with the smart and optimized design to provide the high-quality juice. The clogging is eliminated with the help of direct system easily. The complete working of this machine is efficient to cater all the needs of the user and provide the high-quality juice.


VonShef electric fruit juicer

It is a premium quality juicer that comes in the category of Best orange juicer. It is the completely new addition of juicing range that can help a lot in assisting with the juice extraction. The juice extracted by this machine will freshly start the day. The squeezer attachments of this machine are interchangeable, and 2 attachments are provided for ease of use. Even different sizes of citrus can be squeezed from this machine. The cylinder is made of stainless steel with the lip for pouring on the front side. It will pour the juice straight into the container, glass or cup. The cleaning is also really easy to do.

The feet of this machine is made of rubber that is completely non-slipping material. It will help in using it comfortably on the shelf. There is also space available to store the cable. No juice is wasted, and the procedure is really simple that the person should not worry about putting extra effort or ache in the arm. The person can choose whether he wants to collect the juice in a built-in container or any outside glass. Great recipes of grapefruit and orange can be made early in the morning by the use of this amazing machine.

NOVIS 4 in 1 Vita Juicer

It is a multifunctional juicer that can extract the juice of fruits as well as vegetables by protecting all the extracts. The users make Even the selection of pulp that either he wants to have less or no pulp. The citrus function in combination with a centrifuge is used to get the juice that is aerated, and there is no pulp in it. The juice of even vegetables that are hard or leafy is extracted without any difficulty. The pressing takes place in a sophisticated way so that more nutrients are taken out from the fruit. This machine can produce the velvety purees in a professional manner.

There are no manual adjustments necessary in this machine. It can easily adjust all the pulp as well as speed according to the pulp consistency of the fruit. The energy efficiency of the motor is made sure by using all the advanced technology. There are very fewer parts that need to be assembled and disassembled, so the cleaning process is really easy. All the parts participating in the making of juice can be removed without any difficulty and then attached after cleaning process. The drop holds prevent the juice from dripping outside the container.

Jamba citrus juicer

Completely fresh juice can be obtained at home with all the nutrients protected by the help of Jamba professional juicer. It is designed in a way to get maximum juice out of the citrus. There is no need for electricity to operate this machine and handle is made the durable material to facilitate the grip. The simplicity of using this machine makes it necessary for every home. It can be placed on the kitchen bar easily. It can be fitted in all the kitchens because of only 18-inch height. All the excess pulp, as well as seeds, is strained out. Drip does not occur, and juice is transferred neatly in the glass with Orange Juicer Machine.

The construction of this machine is of heavy duty metal with easily removable parts. It is BPA free, and the reamer is made of stainless steel. The warranty of this product is five years so that anyone can use it without fear. The juice with the best taste is extracted from this amazing machine to produce best results.



It is an amazing machine with one touch system. Direct pouring of juice takes place in the glass so that time is saved. The extraction of juice from limes to the grapefruits efficiently takes place. The screen is really found that the cleaning becomes easy to do and clogging does not occur. The design is especially professionally made with stainless steel. A quick work is done with the help of a quiet and powerful motor. The ream is universal because it can help perform all the tasks of small as well as large reams. To fit the appropriate size of fruit, larger ream can be detached to get the smaller ream.


The working of juicer is efficient that it only need minutes to get the juice. The person just has to place the fruit on top and rest of the work will be done with the machine. The motor of this machine just takes 50 watts. The juice collector is slopping to have better form. It comes with the warranty of 1 year. The material of machine is durable and long-lasting.

Jumbo citrus squeezer for orange and lemon

Itis a handy and efficient citrus squeezer and Lemon Squeezer. It is highly durable as compared to other machines. The bowls are 3.44 inches large, and it works manually completely. It comes under the Best orange juicerscategory in this genre. The material is of stainless steel that does not break easily or chip like all the other aluminum models in the market. Both the orange and lemon juice can be extracted without any hassle. Just cut the fruit in two halves and squeeze them after placing in the middle.

By having the fresh juice early in the morning made in this completely natural way, the health of a person will remain maintained. It will also promote digestion, and many other delicious recipes can be made by using this. Orange juice machines work best in this manual way because no extra pulp and seeds come in the juice. The cleaning and storage of this model are also really easy that makes it trouble-free to operate. It does not carry any extra space on the shelf and can be placed easily in the drawer to take it out only when needed.