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Awaiting the arrival of your baby is exciting. Usually preparation for this will take months. The minute you know you have a baby coming you immediately buy neutral colored baby items such as clothes, bed sheets, crib, toys, everything! It is even more exciting to plan when the gender is revealed. But of course, preparing the nursery of your baby is one of the most essential preparation parents do for the arrival of their baby. When you have a baby girl, of course you get the idea that everything in the nursery should be pink! You begin to plan for baby girl nursery ideas.

It’s quite exciting to design and decorate the nursery for your baby girl. What should you put, what design should you have, the things you have to buy.

Baby Girl Nursery Ideas
There are a lot of ideas that come to mind when you are decorating and designing a nursery for your baby girl. But bear in mind the basics – essential things such as the crib, lamp, changing table, a chair, etc. The other nitty gritty will come to you as soon as you have decided what kind of nursery you would want to give your baby.

To jumpstart the preparation of your baby girl’s nursery, you must have a theme. There are countless of themes that you can think of for a girl – Princess and fairytales, All out pink and purple, Horses and carousels, Toyland, Stuffed toys nursery, or anything with a touch of pink, etc. But the most common ones are the Princess theme, Everything Pink, and Floral.

Princess Theme Nursery
A Princess theme is one of the cutest and easy-to-do baby girl nursery ideas. If you have the budget, you can just buy everything princess and royal and just put it strategically in your nursery. But if not, you may want to start with the crib. A plain crib is easy to find nowadays. All you need to do is to have non-toxic pink paint to color the crib. Add some embellishments but be careful when putting these embellishments as babies tend to be curious and they can chew whatever they can see.

princess themed nursery

You may want to hang in a mesh net on the ceiling that will land until your babies crib. This will make it more princess-y. Don’t forget to color your walls either off-white or light pink. You don’t want your room to look like it vomited pink all over. As for some embellishments on the room, you may want to add some additional items such as a vintage lamp, a name board and some toys if you want.

Everything Pink Nursery

This theme doesn’t mean that literally everything is pink but just a touch of pink. Do not over do it. You can mix a little bit of light gray with it or white. If you are a minimalist, it also looks good to have majority of the room white or gray, and just add on some pink. There are also a lot of photos online that can inspire you. As this theme is a common one for baby girl nursery ideas.

You can have your crib pink and other items in the room pink. Make sure that the shade of pink you have is between carnation pink and baby pink.

Floral Themed Nursery

Another way to emphasize that you have a baby girl is by having the nursery shouting floral. You can have floral patterned wallpaper or have your sheets floral printed. Design the lamp with flowers and have the crib embellished with flowers. Make the color palette of this room in between lilac and carnation pink. It looks good when the colors are not too vibrant and loud. It’s very fitting for a baby.

Aside from these three mentioned above, there are a lot more baby girl nursery ideas inspiration online or everywhere. It is up to you to decide. Just make sure you don’t over do it and it’s baby-safe. Always remember to use non-toxic paint and less on the small choking hazard materials.

It is always fun to decorate your baby girl’s nursery. Enjoy decorating and designing!