By using these SIDS prevention tips you can find out how to reduce the SIDS risk in your baby nursery. SIDS is happening to a large extent not just something that happens to other people and it’s preventable. It’s a long way towards ensuring infant safety and preventing a tragedy. Do you know how it possible? You’ve to do it step-by-step.


How can you prevent SIDS step-by-step?

1. For every sleep you have to place your baby on the back to sleep. A national “Back to Sleep” campaign was organized by the U.S. Public Health Service in 1994, resulting in a reduction in SIDS deaths. The SIDS rate has dropped around 30%-40% in the U.S. in the past few years. Back sleeping contributes towards the prevention of SIDS. If you place your baby on the back to sleep he/she can awake easily and get more oxygen.

2. Breastfeed your baby. It’s an important factor in SIDS prevention and can reduce the SIDS rates around three times.

3. Smoking is a bad habit and don’t smoke during pregnancy period. Please keep the environment smoke free it’s risky for your baby because it can increase the risk of SIDS double.

4. It’s risky to let your baby get too warm, over bundling and consequently overheating. Normal neurological control of sleep and breathing may be disrupted by overheating and over bundling. The abnormal changes in temperature affect the respiratory control center in the brain.

Here are some guidelines to keep your baby comfortably warm –

The head and face are main source of heat release of a baby. So uncover the baby’s head.

Sleeping on the back can release the most heat so put infant to sleep on the back.

Don’t bundle up your baby when he/she has a fever because in that situation it’s become hotter.

Don’t use any hot water bottle and electric blanket.

Make sure that your baby’s cloth is comfortable when he/she is sleeping.

Please don’t overheat the room when your baby is sleeping.

Keep the room’s temperature around 20 degree Celsius.

You might want to use a humidifier in your nursery room. Best humidity is around 60 to 70 percent. If it’s too dry, a baby’s breathing passages may be dried out, making his nose stuffy and thickening the mucous in his airways. High humidity, on the other hand, helps the growth of respiratory allergens.

5. SIDS researchers believe SIDS death are causing from the suffocation rather than defective physiological or neurological problems of the baby. The supply of fresh air is a major factor in SIDS prevention so make sure that the baby has a constant supply of fresh air.

6. An infant needs good flow of fresh air. Make sure your nursery room is well ventilated; if not, use a fan to circulate the air. You can also open a window or keep the door partially open. Ensure that the window treatments don’t obstruct the inflow of air and blinds up a bit to let air in. If you use crib bumpers then make a space between the bumper and the mattress for the flow of air.

7. You have to use a baby crib that meets current crib safety standards preferably organic. An ideal co-sleeping arrangement is the bedside crib so your baby is right next to you.

To encourage back or side-sleeping you can follow these tips –

1. To promote the habit of back-sleeping lay your baby down to sleep on the back from Day One.

2. First let him/her falls asleep on stomach. When he/she is soundly asleep gently turn him/her over onto back.

3. You can rock him/her off to sleep in your arms after that as soon as he is about to drift off to sleep don’t forget to place him/her on back. Otherwise you can hang a mobile over the crib when he/she refuses to fall asleep in the position.

4. The most important thing is to use a firm sleeping surface and remove cushy crib toys and pillows.

Buy the right safe sleep products, take all the SIDS prevention steps you can when you set up your baby nursery, and then enjoy every precious moment with your new baby.

Awaiting the arrival of your baby is exciting. Usually preparation for this will take months. The minute you know you have a baby coming you immediately buy neutral colored baby items such as clothes, bed sheets, crib, toys, everything! It is even more exciting to plan when the gender is revealed. But of course, preparing the nursery of your baby is one of the most essential preparation parents do for the arrival of their baby. When you have a baby girl, of course you get the idea that everything in the nursery should be pink! You begin to plan for baby girl nursery ideas.

It’s quite exciting to design and decorate the nursery for your baby girl. What should you put, what design should you have, the things you have to buy.

Baby Girl Nursery Ideas
There are a lot of ideas that come to mind when you are decorating and designing a nursery for your baby girl. But bear in mind the basics – essential things such as the crib, lamp, changing table, a chair, etc. The other nitty gritty will come to you as soon as you have decided what kind of nursery you would want to give your baby.

To jumpstart the preparation of your baby girl’s nursery, you must have a theme. There are countless of themes that you can think of for a girl – Princess and fairytales, All out pink and purple, Horses and carousels, Toyland, Stuffed toys nursery, or anything with a touch of pink, etc. But the most common ones are the Princess theme, Everything Pink, and Floral.

Princess Theme Nursery
A Princess theme is one of the cutest and easy-to-do baby girl nursery ideas. If you have the budget, you can just buy everything princess and royal and just put it strategically in your nursery. But if not, you may want to start with the crib. A plain crib is easy to find nowadays. All you need to do is to have non-toxic pink paint to color the crib. Add some embellishments but be careful when putting these embellishments as babies tend to be curious and they can chew whatever they can see.

princess themed nursery

You may want to hang in a mesh net on the ceiling that will land until your babies crib. This will make it more princess-y. Don’t forget to color your walls either off-white or light pink. You don’t want your room to look like it vomited pink all over. As for some embellishments on the room, you may want to add some additional items such as a vintage lamp, a name board and some toys if you want.

Everything Pink Nursery

This theme doesn’t mean that literally everything is pink but just a touch of pink. Do not over do it. You can mix a little bit of light gray with it or white. If you are a minimalist, it also looks good to have majority of the room white or gray, and just add on some pink. There are also a lot of photos online that can inspire you. As this theme is a common one for baby girl nursery ideas.

You can have your crib pink and other items in the room pink. Make sure that the shade of pink you have is between carnation pink and baby pink.

Floral Themed Nursery

Another way to emphasize that you have a baby girl is by having the nursery shouting floral. You can have floral patterned wallpaper or have your sheets floral printed. Design the lamp with flowers and have the crib embellished with flowers. Make the color palette of this room in between lilac and carnation pink. It looks good when the colors are not too vibrant and loud. It’s very fitting for a baby.

Aside from these three mentioned above, there are a lot more baby girl nursery ideas inspiration online or everywhere. It is up to you to decide. Just make sure you don’t over do it and it’s baby-safe. Always remember to use non-toxic paint and less on the small choking hazard materials.

It is always fun to decorate your baby girl’s nursery. Enjoy decorating and designing!

Oeuf Classic Crib

The Oeuf Classic crib was created by parents who appreciate modern design. Like other European cribs, Oeuf uses fixed side rails to offer one of the sturdiest and safest cribs available. It was designed to grow with your child. It can be converted into a stylish toddler bed with the purchase of a conversion kit (to last up to age 5). Even though fixed side rail sounds not that convenient, it is Sturdy and safe. The Consumer Products Safety Commission notes that three quarters of all crib recalls are due to failures in drop-side hardware. Safety is the most important when buying the baby crib.

Oeuf Crib

Now that you know that your baby is a boy, it got you more excited in preparing for the nursery room and yes, you need a variety of baby boy nursery ideas, because having a baby boy nowadays doesn’t mean just being stuck with the color blue.

Playing with masculine colors suited for your baby would mean shades of yellow, white, blue, green and brown mostly, but the design would always vary. Whether you want an upbeat look, traditional, or modern nursery theme, it would be easy to create it once your mind is made up already.

Some of baby boy nursery ideas would vary depending on the hobby, work, fascination or dreams of the parents.

Under the Big Top Mural

Circus/carnival theme – This theme never goes out of style, usually the opposite of baby girls princess/fairy nursery room. This kind of theme would also make the baby more excited about colors which is really good for cognitive development.

Animal prints theme – This baby boy nursery idea would enable the baby to be animal friendly. Usually, parents who creates this kind of theme are animal lovers. Just decorate the room with animal cut outs and trees.


Stripes theme – Simplicity is the theme of this kind of baby boy nursery ideas, though every furniture and accessories plus the wall paper would have to be really specific and coordinated, the outcome looks really good and masculine.


Nautical theme – Specially if one of the parent works for the navy, this kind of baby boy nursery idea is very ideal. It is also easy to do this theme because of much accessories that can go with this, like anchors, boats and more. Also, a top choice for sea lovers or parents who sails.


Cars, bikes & trucks theme – Much sought after design because it can also be used once your baby grows up. Where you only need to change the crib with a kiddie bed. Since all boys love playing with anything that has wheels on it, this baby boy nursery idea will be a sure hit.


Frog & Insects theme – Exploring life and science is the concept of this kind of baby boy nursery idea. The calming colors of green and brown makes the aura of the room very relaxing for you and your baby.

Teddy Bear theme – Who doesn’t love teddy bears, it spreads love, invoke lots of cuddles and kisses. A very warm and loving baby boy nursery room idea for you little one.

What ever baby boy nursery ideas you have, the most important thing still is inviting the flow of love, passion, attention and care for your baby. A nursery room, even though fabulously designed but lacking quality time and the much needed loving embrace would mean nothing. Bonding with your baby means more than any kind of nursery theme, because it would mean that the room is filled with overflowing love.

Your baby boy doesn’t need a fancy nursery room, what he needs is the guidance and affection of his loving and supportive parents.

Thousands of infants are getting injury and dieing now a days because of accidents involving cribs and any other nursery products problems. We have to take care from the beginning of a child’s life. Carelessness is the main reason of these problems. Now we are discussing what is the crib safety, whether the crib is new or not and take a look at crib toys.


Do you want to buy a new full-size crib –

1. You can’t get corner posts more than 1/16 inch or 1-1/2mm above the top of the end panel. It can be good catch points of all items around a child’s neck and clothing worn by the child.

2. The closed hooks help to give security to the mattress support hangers and all crib hardware should be securely tightened and also checked frequently.

3. If you use the bumper pads, should fit around the entire crib, tie into place and have straps or ties at least in corners, long sides and both edges. You can use the bumpers until the baby can pull up to a standing position and then you can remove them.

4. Don’t use any plastic bags as mattress covers because it may cling to a baby’s face and cause suffocation.

Do you have a crib –

1. The use of used cribs is discouraged by CPSC. You have to check these products to make sure they meet safety requirements.

2. Check the crib for any missing parts such as mattress support hangers or bolts etc. If there is any missing then replace them. Please don’t use cribs with broken parts.

3. You can use a mattress fits tightly but if you can fit more than two fingers between the crib side and edge of the mattress the mattress is too small and harmful.

4. Don’t use older crib with headboard and footboard designs because it may allow baby’s head to be caught in the openings and these openings may lead to strangulation.

5. Corner posts have to be less then 1-1/2 mm high (1/16 inches), if not that the crib should have a canopy. Please don’t use a crib which has knobs on corner posts.

6. If the crib has loose or missing slats then stop using it and make sure that all slats are securely fastened in place.

7. Use high quality household lead-free enamel paint to refinish the crib. Before using paint check the label on the paint to make sure that this is not against using on items such as cribs.

Here are some safety tips for you –

1. If you want to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and prevent suffocation then be careful. You have to take care of your baby for reduction of risk. Put your baby in a flat, firm mattress and be sure that there is no soft bedding underneath your baby.

2. Don’t place your baby to sleep alone on an uncomfortable bed such as adult bed, water bed or bunk bed. Babes up to 18 months can suffocate in their sleep when their bodies, faces become wedged between the mattress and bed frame. Don’t put a child bed near window blinds or drapery.

3. Don’t hang any thing such as mobile, toy, diaper bag by using strings near the crib where a child could become caught in it and strangle. If you have then cut the strings/cords off.

4. Don’t tie pacifiers around your child’s neck to prevent strangulation.

5. Whenever you place your child in the crib always lock the side rail in its raised position. Adjust the mattress to its lowest position and remove the bumper pads when your child can stand up and you have to remove also any large toys because a toddler will use anything for climbing out of the crib.

6. When your baby reaches more than 34 inches he/she has outgrown the crib and can sleep in a bed.

7. Check hooks, nuts, bolts when you move the crib. Set secured bumper pads in each corner and cut off any excess string length.

Here is some checklist for crib toys –

1. When you set a crib gyms make sure that it’s installed securely at both ends. If you do this properly then they cannot be pulled down into the crib.

2. When your baby is 5 months old then you should remove crib gyms and mobiles from the crib.

3. Hang all things out of reach of a child.

4. Never use crib toys with catch points of your crib that can hook clothing.

I hope these instructions are helpful for your crib shopping.