Now that you know that your baby is a boy, it got you more excited in preparing for the nursery room and yes, you need a variety of baby boy nursery ideas, because having a baby boy nowadays doesn’t mean just being stuck with the color blue.

Playing with masculine colors suited for your baby would mean shades of yellow, white, blue, green and brown mostly, but the design would always vary. Whether you want an upbeat look, traditional, or modern nursery theme, it would be easy to create it once your mind is made up already.

Some of baby boy nursery ideas would vary depending on the hobby, work, fascination or dreams of the parents.

Under the Big Top Mural

Circus/carnival theme – This theme never goes out of style, usually the opposite of baby girls princess/fairy nursery room. This kind of theme would also make the baby more excited about colors which is really good for cognitive development.

Animal prints theme – This baby boy nursery idea would enable the baby to be animal friendly. Usually, parents who creates this kind of theme are animal lovers. Just decorate the room with animal cut outs and trees.


Stripes theme – Simplicity is the theme of this kind of baby boy nursery ideas, though every furniture and accessories plus the wall paper would have to be really specific and coordinated, the outcome looks really good and masculine.


Nautical theme – Specially if one of the parent works for the navy, this kind of baby boy nursery idea is very ideal. It is also easy to do this theme because of much accessories that can go with this, like anchors, boats and more. Also, a top choice for sea lovers or parents who sails.


Cars, bikes & trucks theme – Much sought after design because it can also be used once your baby grows up. Where you only need to change the crib with a kiddie bed. Since all boys love playing with anything that has wheels on it, this baby boy nursery idea will be a sure hit.


Frog & Insects theme – Exploring life and science is the concept of this kind of baby boy nursery idea. The calming colors of green and brown makes the aura of the room very relaxing for you and your baby.

Teddy Bear theme – Who doesn’t love teddy bears, it spreads love, invoke lots of cuddles and kisses. A very warm and loving baby boy nursery room idea for you little one.

What ever baby boy nursery ideas you have, the most important thing still is inviting the flow of love, passion, attention and care for your baby. A nursery room, even though fabulously designed but lacking quality time and the much needed loving embrace would mean nothing. Bonding with your baby means more than any kind of nursery theme, because it would mean that the room is filled with overflowing love.

Your baby boy doesn’t need a fancy nursery room, what he needs is the guidance and affection of his loving and supportive parents.