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Payback LTD helped my husband to recover his money from a binary option scam and I owe them this review. I collected some facts about them online for you in the following article.

Payback LTD

Payback LTD is a group that refunds your money if that is needed. In a few steps, they will find out all the details of your contract and everything they need to know about the company you worked with to return your money.
The process that arises on the return of money is not easy with that it may happen that you will have to wait.

If you have a job with a broker that is not regulated, there is a chance that there will be a problem, because, with such brokers, offers and bonuses that attract clients do not have to be saved. With this, the first step of Payback LTD group will determine whether the broker with whom you worked has been regulated or not. Binary options broker is a broker with which you can be saved from cybercrime.
The binary options market is legally regulated in a significant number of renowned countries. It should be emphasized that if binary options are not legally regulated in a particular country, it does not make them illegal (illegal). The absence of legislation only means that the state is indifferent to this topic.

Binary trade is legally and legally regulated in many countries around the world (USA, UK, Cyprus, Japan, Malta). These countries have special agencies that oversee the financial market.

In order for brokers to operate in these countries, they must apply for a license. The license is granted only to legitimate companies that exclusively offer safe and honest services. Regulatory government bodies are extremely strict when it comes to overseeing the online store market, as the state expects tax revenues from this activity.

In most countries in the world, binary trading is not legally regulated. However, this does not necessarily mean that binary options are illegal in those countries. Binary options are unlawful only if there is a law that declares it decisively. But if countries do not have any law relating to binary trading, this means that binary options are de facto legal.

You need to know that you are not at a disadvantage if you live in a country that has not legally regulated the issue of binary trade. Traders from such countries must register with brokers subject to legal regulation, i.e. with brokers who received a license from reputable states such as the UK, US or Cyprus.

Licensed brokers are legally obliged to treat merchants from other countries as well as traders from countries where they have been granted a binary options trading license. In essence, clients who live in "unregulated countries" are protected from abuse in the same way as clients from "regulated countries". Of course, everything provided that clients were registered with a licensed broker.

1.1 What are they expecting from you?

You have a task because your team needs more information about the broker you worked with.

• Provide all trading statements and transactions;
• Link to the broker or advertisement you signed up with;
• All communications you’ve had with this brokerage.

All the details that you have sent Payback LTD Group will analyze and then they will ask you to agree to their conditions so that they can start working.

1.2 About PayBack LTD Group

Payback LTD Group is a group that keeps you from scams on the Internet, unregulated brokers around the world.

Payback LTD Group is a group that keeps you from scams on the Internet, unregulated brokers around the world. This group is made up of people with knowledge of international banking and cybercrime.
Payback LTD group exists since 2008. The emergence of this group preceded the collapse of the US credit crisis, which made people stop investing in what is traditional. This situation is for brokers who are not regulated to open the door for easier earnings.

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