This may not be the kind of advice you were expecting from a Mommy blogger. I won’t be offering tips that will make the nausea easier, the tiredness go away or the random tugs and pulls you feel less worrying. This isn’t that kind of perfect parenting post.

What I can offer you, is advice from a third time preggo who is currently in the thick of it. I have a three and one year old running around my house requiring food and diaper changes, all while the room is spinning and the crackers are being consumed. It’s not fun – but there are ways to make things a bit easier.

Here’s 5 Ways To Survive Your First Trimester!

1. Let your child watch TV
That’s right, I said it. Stick those littles in front of the television and let them stream some Dora and Diego. My three year old doesn’t nap and this Mommy desperately needs lie down time. If it wasn’t for some Netflix, it wouldn’t happen. I’m fairly certain a few months of extra TV won’t damage them permanently.

2. Hire a cleaner
Today I had a lovely lady scrub my bathrooms from top to bottom. Next week she’ll be doing a good scrub down of all my surfaces. I’m managing to maintain the toys, the laundry and the few other littles things with the help of my husband, but that’s it. I don’t even have the stomach to open the garbage can right now, so there’s no way I could clean a toilet. Mine comes in every two weeks and is very affordable – totally worth the money!

3. Eat Whatever Makes You Feel Better.
Whether it’s take out, salt & vinegar chips or a fresh smoothie – don’t worry so much about what it is you’re putting in your body at this point. Baby is tiny at this point and mostly sucking all the good stuff you have out of your body for their growth. You’ll get depleted before they will. Focus on getting calories and water in for now, you can work on your nutrition once that nausea subsides!

4. Clear Your Schedule
Not everyone is able to do this, but the least you can do is use a few of your sick/vacation days to avoid the workplace when you really don’t feel well. As a stay at home Mom, hiding out in my home is easy, but I still have the busyness of taking care of the kids. Don’t put pressure on yourself – your body is running a marathon here! Rest as much as you can and say no to commitments that aren’t necessary. You’ll have time to tackle those once your energy comes back.

5. Focus On the Joy
This is what gets me through the awful days. No matter how sick you feel, or how early you have to go to bed, remind yourself that this is just one small phase of parenting. It’s a blip (yes, a rough one) in your life. Seven months from now when you’re holding that newborn, you’ll know it was totally worth it. You’ll probably even forget how awful it truly was being sick all the time and may begin talking about having another! What – too soon? ;)

There you have it – 5 Ways To Survive Your First Trimester! They may not be the most conventional, but they’re working for me. Maybe it’ll help you out too?